Gradien is a country that was once located on a penninsula that is seen along the mid-eastern waters of the Iradian Sea. Once a prosperous nation that focused on a strong economy and a well developed infrastructure, this nation met its demise during the last of the Gradio-Iradian wars.

Gradien was ruled by an absolute monarch that focused on maintaining a peaceful state of affairs and encouraged free trade among the many nations surrounding the Iradian Sea. But as Iradia began to invade the surrounding countries in the region and refused to back down or come to any terms of peace, it quickly became clear to the monarch that he was the leader of the only power that could help his now faltering allies. He raised an army and began to fight. This lead to several wars with Iradia and the conflict lasted for more than a century.

Gradien could not compete with the military might of Iradia, even when backed by its smaller allies and ultimately fell to Iradia (Along with many others) after the turn of the century.