The Aggressor

The IRN Aggressor is the flagship of the armada of three hundred. The Aggressor is said to be the largest warship ever created and although classified as a War Junk this ship is much larger and dwarfs anything else seen in the water.

Hull: 5
Structure Points: 425
Seaworthiness: 20
Length: 80m
Beam: 28m
Draft: 10m
Freeboard: 11m
Capacity: 3,000 tons
Crew: 200 sailors, 500 soldiers
Speed: Sail
Fore: 4 45-pounders
Aft: 2 45-pounders
Broad: 32 24-pounders, 16 18-pounders, 4 45-pounders
Qualities: Reliable, Stealthy, Slow