The Basilisk

This is a privateering vessel owned by Captain Frederick. The vessel is a modified corvette equipped with all of the equipment, crew, and weapons needed for a proper pirate. Modifications include an extra mast that supports faster travel, and a slightly larger than needed captain’s quarters. Among the crew of 50 are the player characters that have all been hired by Captain Frederick to aid in the search of the Sea Witch.

Hull: 4
Structure Points: 150
Seaworthiness: 18
Length: 18m
Beam: 3m
Draft: 3m
Freeboard: 2m
Capacity 40 tons
Crew: 50
Speed: Sail +4m / 4km
Weapons: Fore: Two 9-pounders(4d6 each)
Broadside: Eight 9-pounders(4d6 each)
Qualities: Stealthy, Swift