Ace Dies

Molthriemien Mercenary


Ace Dies is a 7’8" Molthriemien killing machine who joined the hunt of the sea witch in order to help further support his family back in Molthriem in running the family restaurant, Queso Dies. As the eldest of the Dies family and since both of his parents were killed by a drug cartel, Ace also has to support his younger brother and sister. Ace used to work for a Molthriemien drug police unit and helped hunt down drug lords until the Molthriemien government shut down the unit due to the cost of the war.

Ace’s signature sword is the family sword which he used to seek revenge for his parents death: “The Diablo”. Aces persona while fighting is “The Diablo” as he puts on a menacing mask similar to the face of the devil whenever fighting his opponents.

Ace appears to be more introverted around foreigners as he is less familiar with their culture and is only able to speak broken Arcadian and Iradian. Though introverted, he is outspoken in his values of justice.

On the lighter side, Ace, being a former employee of Queso Dies, has knowledge in Molthriemien cooking and loves cooking for his friends and family.